Ever since Zisco Performance has been set up, we have always been involved to a great extent in the Starlet world. Besides manufacturing different products for the Starlet, we always looked into how to make better and innovative products for our customers.

As some of you may be aware, the DRAG scene is very popular around here, and with many of our friends and fellow forum members working on various projects with GT Turbos and Glanzas, we always expressed a wish to build the ultimate Drag Racing Starlet that will take the 1331cc engine to its very extreme. It was in January 2010 that finally we decided to start the project that has now come to fruition in these last weeks.

Since buying the GT, a lot of work has gone into it, not to mention the various obstacles we met along the way. Even if nowadays one can find plenty of aftermarket parts for the 4E, many parts have had to be custom made, and that meant a lot of time and research went into getting the best products available for the build. We worked hand in hand with our engineers towards the ultimate goal: that of building the strongest 4E equipped car out there.

The spec below is long but non-exhaustive, however it gives you a good insight of the work that went into this project:

-Engine, dashboard and doors pulled out. The floor board was cut and all factory sealing removed. Factory spot welds and rivots removed carefully. Fresh spot welding throughout and firmer metal sheets where necessary

-Built in Custom 11 point roll cage Mild CS, with extra reinforcing through dash to front struts. Front cross member and bar removed completely and reworked to accomodate all items to go in the bay as planned. Floor board frame worked from mild steel, mounts for seat and finally covered in aluminium sheet. Dash boards reworked from aluminium with rivots and covered in black plactic film. Side and rear doors lightened but strengthened.

-Entire body galvanized and sprayed in evo X blue

-Rear 4-link chromoly system with aftermerket drag shocks and springs, fittings for wheelie bar installed. Rear arches factory board was cut and fabricated aluminium covers to accomodate skinnies.

-Engine Spec: Custom Forged Pistons, Forged Rods, New Crank, Sealed Block, Full Spec Race Cylinder Head with Billet Cams, Custom Stainless Valves and special springs/retainers to retain proper fitted length and valve base pressure, race spec top cover, kevlar timing belt..

-Big block Water Pump, New Oil Pump, Aeromotive FPR, Aeromotive Fuel Pump, Aeromotive Fuel Filters, Race Radiator, Garrett charge cooler with Customs tanks and chargecooler pump.

-GTX30 Garrett turbine w/Tial housing, Zisco Custom V-Band Equal length manifold (drag spec), Custom Side Exit with Tial 38mm MVR gate with side exit, Zisco stepping Intake Manifold short length runners with Billet 66mm Throttle Body, Vacuum tank, Custom Charge Cooler System with Zisco Cooler Tank, Shortest possible intercooler piping same length throughout, Tial Bov, Custom Stainless Fuel and Water Tanks….

-13” Weld Racing Drag wheels with M&H 23-8 slicks, Weld Rear Gold wheels with M&H 24.5” skinnies, TRD front coils, polished top mounts, Toyota calipers rebuilt and fitted with grooved discs throughout, rear linelocks,  Front antiroll bar.

-Custom Drag DriveShafts with CVs, Straight Cut Bog Box (Custom ratios) flanged, Sequential shifter, Custom Steel flywheel, Slippery Twin Plate Drag Clutch.

-DTA engine management, Autometer gauges and switch control. Kirkey Lightweight Seat, OMP racing steering wheel and 4 point harness.

Endless effort went into making this car, and finally after several months of hard work, it is close to getting fired up and mapped. We are not looking for the highest BHP figure, that doesn’t interest us. Our aim is buildi
ng a car that is capable to harness its power on the track; build up torque and is able to express it on the starting line. Our aim is a sub-10 second run!! Yes thats right. For now anything along the lines of 10secs is just what we’re after to get us started, but we will keep improving as far as this project can take us.

I hope this has been an enjoyable read and if you have any questions do not hesitate to drop us an email or PM. Wish us luck!

Chris on behalf of Zisco Performance